In October 2022, I bought my first drone through Amazon on something of a whim. I had been interested in drones for a while and once I had one in my hands, I was pretty much hooked. Unfortunately, experience tells me that many of the introductory drones can be prone to occasional erractic and unpredictable behavior. It did not take long for me to lose control of that drone and crash. 

After experimenting a with a few "toy" drones and doing some research about a month into my drone journey, I purchased my first DJI Drone, the DJI Mini 2. I found the experience of flying a DJI drone to be much more predictable and a little less exciting, however the quality of the drone and the camera dramatically improved the appeal of Drone Photography. 

I began posting regular photos on the social media site, Mastodon, and then later I created this website in Dec 2022, as a place to archive and organize the photos that I have curated for Mastodon. 

All of these photos were taken with drones.

I used the generic template at to create this website. I hope to create a reusable template on for a photo blog that others can use as well.